Ciric Sports Club

Ciric Sports Club provides six tennis courts, two fotbal courts and one multisport court facilities and changing rooms, restrooms, and seating areas for spectators.

During Iași Open, the club is decorate with flowers and tournament branding, looking beautiful indoor and outdoor.


Sume other amenities durig Iași Open are:

  • Court Lighting System

  • Electronic line Calling

  • LED Scor Boards

  • LED Side Banners

  • Outdoor Gym

  • Players Lounge

  • Players Restaurant

  • Partners Lounge 

  • Media Zone


Advanced Technology and LED Lighting 

In addition led panels on the main court, electronic scoreboards of the highest level and, very importantly, lighting. The night installation complies with international standards of ATP and WTA requirements and it was installed by the Iași City Hall in record time.


The BCR Iasi Open - WTA 125 tournament benefitS from FOXTENN technology - technology used in tennis to determine whether the ball is in or out. This line calling system uses multiple camera angles to track the trajectory of the tennis ball


The players benefited from an area where they could warm up and recover after the match, specially set up by Oxygen Iasi.

Tennis Courts

The five tennis courts, three official courts for competition and two courts for training, were set up with the involvement of the partners from Club Coreco in Iași.

Sports facility

The preparation of the sports base to the international standard is done under the increased attention of Mr. Ioan Lazariuc.